Kristallnacht, 1938: we commemorate the victims – Munich, November 2021

November 9 reading in Munich of the names of those deported on November 20, 1941, from Munich to Kaunas, Lithuania.

We Commemorate The Victims:

1:38:52  Alfred Holzer
1:39:08  Alfred’s wife Martha Trautman Holzer
1:39:16  Benno Holzer
3:37:20  Cäcilie (Tillie) Holzer Spatz
3:37:27  Wilhelm Spatz, (Tillie’s 16 year old son)
3:37:33 Flora Spatz (Tillie’s sister-in-law)
3:37:41 Herta Spatz (Flora’s 19 year old daughter)

There are pictures of Alfred, Benno and Martha but none of Tillie or Wilhelm.

Schedule of events for the 80th anniversary of the Munich deportations to Kaunas:

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